What is the hair trend for Spring/Summer?

Start growing your lobs and bobs out! Whether it is slicked back, high and tight, or loose waves, length is what was all over the runways for the upcoming seasonsAlso, for color, it is mono tonal with baby lights to create dimension!!

Best massage in Dallas!!

Ingry Cardenas


Rain, Sleet, or Snow!!!

One of the few elite hair dressers to show up to work today. Roads aren’t that bad and I don’t have room to reschedule! Let’s do this!

Ecaille Hair Coloring Technique

 #ecaille is popping up as the newest color buzzword in the color community. French for tortoiseshell, the ecaille color technique mimics the differing shades found on the reptile. This new take on ombre maintains the hair’s depth while enriching blonde color with shades of honey and amber and brunettes with caramel and butterscotch.

Is brushing your hair a 100 times at night really necessary?

Brushing your hair 100 strokes at night DOES make your hair healthier! It stimulates blood flow in your scalp which keeps a healthy blood supply to your hair follicle. It also drags the oil from your scalp down onto your hair shaft. It is very hard to keep ends completely moisturized, which is why you will need to apply an oil. I recommend Redken Argan oil! It is great for fine, medium, or corse hair.

Tip of the week: To achieve the style you desire

To achieve the style you desire you must use the correct styling tools. The size of your brush is key to forming the desired volume and curve you want in your hair. Typical rule of thumb: The longer your hair the bigger your round brush. And don’t forget ladies to keep your hair healthy, use a heat protectant.


Tip of the week

Redken pillow proof dry shampoo literally dry cleans your hair. If you need a product to help absorb oils or just make your hair smell better after going to a BBQ. This is a miracle worker! It can also be applied to wet hair and blow dried in to help absorb oils throughout your day. This product is clear so it can be used on any hair color.


Brilliant brunettes!! She is so excited she can hardly hold it in! Lol


Turn your summer blonde to warm natural locks